QM debate team trump their opposition

Congratulations to the QMUL IFP debate team, who emerged victorious from the tightly-contested annual debate against their King’s College IFP counterparts.  The judges awarded the win to Queen Mary based on superior use of rhetoric, as they argued against the motion that Brexit and the election of Donald Trump show that democracy no longer functions in the Western world.  Well done to Rafi, Kashef, Faris, and Isabela for representing Queen Mary and making us all proud.

KCL QM Debate 1 March 2018 1

Alice May from KCL introducing the two teams at the start of the debate.

KCL QM Debate 1 March 2018 2

The two teams posing before the judges’ verdict was announced.  QMUL UCAS co-ordinator Will Hutton stands proudly in the middle of the IFP debate team.

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