2013-2014 IFP Alumni Graduate from Queen Mary

Twenty-nine IFP Alumni graduated from Queen Mary in July 2017 with four students achieving first class degrees and eighteen achieving a 2:1. These students completed the IFP in 2013-2014 and a number have taken the time to look back on their IFP expThevinth Sivagnanam Graduation Photo 2017erience here. Thevinth Sivagnanam from Italy recalls his time on the IFP as ‘one of the most crucial experiences of my life’ which gave him ‘the confidence and the skills to succeed.’

The thing that I liked the most is how friendly and helpful the whole IFP environment was, small classes where everyone was a friend with everyone and willing to help the others like a big multicultural family.

I still remember when I moved from Milan to London, I could barely speak and understand English. I used to nod to everyone who was speaking to me even if I could barely understand them, that’s how bad my English was.

Thevinth plans to find a job in the banking sector or with a hedge fund or in consultancy.

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