Iris Mauricio : IFP alumnus and British Council student ambassador

Iris MauricioQMUL IFP students choose to do a wide range of exciting degree programmes after their foundation year at QMUL.  Iris Mauricio completed the IFP in 2015 and used her foundation certificate to get onto a very well-regarded Creative Writing degree at Brunel University London. Now in her second year at Brunel, Iris has recently become the British Council’s undergraduate Student Ambassador for the Philippines.  Within this role, Iris is writing a series of posts for the British Council website about her experience of studying in the UK.  Iris is a talented writer, so please do read her posts, which you can find here.  You can also see footage that Iris shot as an IFP student being used in this video re-edited by Mark Bell for the QMUL Youtube channel.


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